Assassin’s Creed Unity Real Life Parkour – Cosplay

As the Assassin’s Creed games get better and more advanced, so do the guys who cosplay the characters and then go off on parkour adventures!


Firefly Online Gameplay Trailer – SDCC

What sort of Captain would you be?

If I was a Captain….. I would have a family like crew with one goal in mind. Make so much cash that I can chill on a nice warm planet with an umbrella drink.


Batman: Arkham Knight – Batmobile Battle-Mode – E3

The third in the series of Arkham games, this is a MUST OWN!!! The adding of being able to use the Batmobile is pretty damn cool, even if it goes against Bat’s rule of no guns, but hey.

The gameplay looks very similar to past games and there’s going to be MORE Scarecrow missions!!! Too much awesomeness!!!

Oddworld: New and Tasty – E3

Back on older generation consoles, I want to say PS1, I loved playing Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee. Such a weird creepy game with enough to keep you occupied, but not smash your controller hard. At E3 this year, a trailer was released for the NEW Generation console and it looks AMAZING!!!! Maybe one I might need to purchase. One of many…..

Deathstroke: Arkham Assassin – Fan Made Film

VERY cool fan made film, set as a lead in to the Arkham Origins game. Black Mask has offered a bounty for the Batman’s head and Deathstroke wants in. But he has to prove himself to Black mask first.

I love both of these characters. Black Mask especially, as he’s every thing you expect from a crime boss. Ruthless, non caring and exceptionally brutal. And this video shows that. Awesome, awesome job!!