Kanku Dai by 7 year old Mahiro

I studied Karate for quite a number of years and have learned the Kata below and I’m so impressed by this seven year old girl from Japan. Her movements are sharp! The intensity is there when it needs to be without losing any grace! Simply awesome!


Babymetal – Megitsune

What really heavy music needs these days is to be crossed with the cutesy world of J-Pop. That’s exactly what Babymetal is all about. Is it awesome? Damn straight it is!!

Japanese Commercial is Damn Scary!!

Oh, what’s this?

Now living in a place where there’s lots of snow during the Winter, I understand why the Japanese have gone to such extremes to try and get their drivers to slow down and have the proper tyres!

This is pants-shitting-scary!

Kota Ibushi vs Taiji Ishimori Tribute

I had the pleasure this year to see Taiji Ishimori wrestle for ROH this year, when my wife bought us tickets. He’s a fantastic wrestler, great flyer and no slouch with the technical. Kota Ibushi is an absolute freak!! His high flying wrestling skills are up their with the best!

Put these two together and you get a phenomenal match. Check out the video below, especially the opening sequence. One of the best since Low Ki and Amazing Red!

Japan World Cup 3 – Horse Racing Video Game

So… yeah…

This is a horse racing simulation game coming from Japan, so you know it’s going to be anything but a realistic simulation of a horse race. If you get annoyed by the reactions from the guys ‘reviewing’ this, just mute it. But somethings are funny.

However, if REAL horse racing with this captivating, more people would go and bet all their moneys!

I love you, Japan!

Power Jacket MK3

First and foremost, I love Japan!

Secondly, this is straight up awesome! I don’t think it’s as cool as buying your kid a 6 Foot Mech Warrior, but it’s still very cool.

Is this the start of the end of the world? Does Skynet want this technology and maybe link it up to a Sentry Gun? It might be the start of something a touch bad. Just saying!

But this video is also hilarious, as only the Japanese can do when promoting a product!! Watch it for yourself, if only to see what happens to Scarface Santaro’s face as the video progresses.

Japan, I love you. Part II.

Screen shot 2013-05-22 at 11.06.47 AM

This little clip was taken from a very popular Japanese variety show called ‘Masquerade’. People from all walks of life come on here to show off their ‘talents’ as well as some of the most elaborate costumes you’ll ever see.

With any variety show, there’s going to be some quirkiness. But this is Japan and they bring you this amount of awesomeness. Creativity has no bounds.

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