DMX vs Slingshot

I really dig DMX. I love his music. I was a big fan since I first heard the ‘Flesh of my flesh, Blood of my blood’ album. Yeah, he’s had his little run ins with the law and has done a whole bunch of badness, but I don’t see how anyone can hate him after his little trip on a slingshot ride. Especially with his daughter!

No embed, but watch DMX with his daughter in the below link.


20,000 Days on Earth – Nick Cave Docudrama

Nick Cave. I consider him to be the greatest story teller in music. His album ‘The Murder Ballads’ is in my top 5 albums of all time. ‘Red Right Hand’ is my very favourite song. He’s a man of extreme talent and has the charisma that only a few in the world possess

Simply put, I can’t wait to see this docudrama!

Do You Want To Kill The Batman – Harley Quinn – Frozen Parody

Of all the parodies from the actually pretty cool film ‘Frozen’, this one is close to my heart. Because it’s Batman and Joker related. Harley sings an awesome version of ‘Do you want to build a Snowman’, following the footsteps of the comics storylines.

All awesomeness here!!!

Pharrell – Happy – The Sad Version – Woodkid

Music can really take you to a certain type of place. The original version of Happy makes you feel all bubbly and want to dance and sing. This version of the same song, with it’s piano and strings makes you want to cry a little.

Awesomeness!! So much feels.