Devil’s Daughter Prank

From the same guys who bought us Killer Clown and Telekinetic Priest, comes the Devil’s Daughter prank. Much of the same, but still scary none the less.


Assassin’s Creed Unity Real Life Parkour – Cosplay

As the Assassin’s Creed games get better and more advanced, so do the guys who cosplay the characters and then go off on parkour adventures!

Daniel Bryan Stops Robbery

WWE and complete badass Daniel Bryan stopped the robbery of his own house! He chased one of the guys down a strapped on a rear naked choke and waited for the cops.


Compton Reacts to Magic

It really doesn’t matter that this dude is in Compton, because his magic tricks would even freak out Batman.

…. maybe. He’d probably punch them until they gave up their magic secrets.


Progress Wrestling Chapter 13 – Full Show

This is an awesome wrestling promotion from the UK. So good that shows are sold out within hours of tickets going on sale. Progress have released one of their ENTIRE shows on Youtube as they didn’t believe the visual and audio for this event wasn’t quite up to their expectations and instead of charging you for the DVD or download have decided to give it to us for FREE!!!! NOthing is better than a free wrestling show, especially when the standard of wrestling is so high.

Little note, this is the show where Prince Devitt comes dressed as The Joker!!!

Check it out and share it with all your wrestling friends so they too can enjoy PROGRESS WRESTLING!!!


Max Landis’ ‘The Slap’

I do not hide how awesome and clever I think Max Landis is! Previously I’ve posted a video of Max giving his views on what wrestling means to modern day entertainment.

This video is VERY different. He’s gotten 40 of his friends together and he’s paired off two people who don’t know each other and then asked them to slap each other in the face. The results are not what you’d expect.

Also, watch everyone slap Max, because what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.


The Killer Clown is BACK!!!! – Prank

I love this prank because I hate clown and I have an idea of how scary this must be. I am however waiting for SOMEONE to turn and try and beat the shit out of him.


Kanku Dai by 7 year old Mahiro

I studied Karate for quite a number of years and have learned the Kata below and I’m so impressed by this seven year old girl from Japan. Her movements are sharp! The intensity is there when it needs to be without losing any grace! Simply awesome!


Sean Garnier dresses as an old man and schools kids at freestyle soccer – Prank

I’m not a huge fan of soccer. Even though the world cup is about to start and Australia, for some reason made it in again, I really don’t know anything about the sport. However, I can see when someone is awesome at what they do and school the shit out of people!! Freestyle World Champion Sean Garnier gets dressed up, Bad Grandpa style and heads of to a street soccer game and joins in. Hilarity ensues!


eTalks – The Secrets of Food Marketing

This is so damn scary. My wife and I do our grocery shopping from a mostly organic supermarket. And we mostly know where our food is coming from. So we think we’re pretty good here. But if we shopped elsewhere, I think we’d be having a small heart attack right now.

This is a must watch for anyone who cares about the food they put into their bodies. If you don’t, you watch this anyway. It’s a real eye opener. Watch as the audience gets very silent. Especially at the end. It’s a bit creepy!