Wrestling GIF’s of the Week – Wyatt/Cena, Paige, The Shield/Evolution, Emmalution

Dance, boy, dance!

Not a great Raw, but it pushed some storylines I guess.

Badass submission.

Cesaro: Strongest Man in the World

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Wrestling Gif’s of the Week – Wrestlemania – End of The Streak – Start of The YES!!!


Thank you WWE!!!

I’m not very impressed by your product, well, most of the time, but Wrestlemania was really pretty damn awesome! There was surprises, upsets, Cesaro showing just how much of a man he is, Shao Khan showed up and it was just pretty damn sweet. Even the Diva’s had some highlights. Daniel Bryan is not just a star, he’s THE STAR!!!

Magic Happens!!!

Never thought I’d see this. At the ‘Superdome!!’

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Wrestling Gifs of the Week – HHH Kills Daniel Bryan

Mooching off Daniel Bryan popularity, HHH just HAS to be THE BAD GUY. Not someone who could benefit from it or someone who could use that heat. NO! It’s got to be Triple H showing that he is the baddest cat alive, beating down WWE’s hero!

Oh, and other things happen. Namely Pirate Naomi returned spectacularly!

Shades of RVD!

Calm down Dolph!! You’ve got to save something for the Mania Battle Royal.

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Wrestling Gifs of the Week – Daniel Bryan Hijacks Raw


FINALLY!!! Due to a good hijacking, we MAY see Daniel Bryan in the Main Event of Wrestlemania!! I’m not getting my hopes up that he’s going to win it just yet though.

There’s the Steph we all know and love.


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Wrestling Gifs of the Week – Chicago Raw – Wyatts vs The Shield, Daniel Bryan/HHH

Again and again.

What was meant to be a mass hijacking in Chicago turned out to be one of the best Raw’s in a LONG time!

Seth Rollins is a STAR!!
Daniel Bryan is a STAR!!
Aaron Paul is a TV STAR!!

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Wrestling Gifs of the Week – Elimination Chamber – Rollins, Cesaro, Bryan!

Seth Rollins was the star of this PPV

So Elimination Chamber happened and it was a pretty good show! LOTS of highlights. Mostly from the awesome Shield/Wyatt’s match! But Daniel Bryan and Cesaro tore it up in the Chamber as well!

… and this is why I love Ambrose!

Ain’t no holding Reigns down.


Wrestling Gifs of the Week – RAW – Shield vs Wyatts, Batista, Divas

THIS is why I love wrestling!

The Shield vs The Wyatt Family!! This is going to be off the hook. I would order Elimination Chamber purely for this match!

The rest of Raw was OK.

Ooo Soo!!

Bray kills Rey dead!

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Wrestling GIF’s of the Week – Royal Rumble



That was disappointing. However, the crowds reactions were something to behold. There was also some pretty cool spots. Bray and Bryan tore the house down!

Air Goat

Round and round

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Wrestling Gif’s of the Week – Batista Returns

Pitbull?? Are you on the gas?

So Batista returned! That’s good. The photoshops of Batista pulling faces are already up and running and they’re damn hilarious! Thank you Mr. Animal.

Flying Cody!

Put your teeth on the curb!

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