Daniel Bryan Stops Robbery

WWE and complete badass Daniel Bryan stopped the robbery of his own house! He chased one of the guys down a strapped on a rear naked choke and waited for the cops.


Progress Wrestling Chapter 13 – Full Show

This is an awesome wrestling promotion from the UK. So good that shows are sold out within hours of tickets going on sale. Progress have released one of their ENTIRE shows on Youtube as they didn’t believe the visual and audio for this event wasn’t quite up to their expectations and instead of charging you for the DVD or download have decided to give it to us for FREE!!!! NOthing is better than a free wrestling show, especially when the standard of wrestling is so high.

Little note, this is the show where Prince Devitt comes dressed as The Joker!!!

Check it out and share it with all your wrestling friends so they too can enjoy PROGRESS WRESTLING!!!

Prince Devitt

I have been a fan of Devitt’s for quite a while. He’s an amazing talent and has put on quality match after quality match. With news floating around that he has signed a contract with the WWE, this has gotten me more excited to see some potential match up with Bryan, Rollins, Ziggler and Cesaro. Not to mention matches with other stars that have signed with the WWE like KENTA and Kevin Steen.

Lately Devitt’s ring entrances are pushing me almost consider him as my favourite wrestler. (Almost! If CM Punk makes a return, he’s going to have some stiff competition) Devitt is a big comics fan. As am I. And he’s been coming to the ring painted up as various characters. Above is a GIF of just a few, below are the video’s of the actual entrances. Amazing! If he can bring this gimmick to the WWE, I’ll explode! My favourites by far are The Joker, The Punisher and Freddy Krueger. With only a few more shows to go, I can’t wait to see what he pulls out next!

Enjoy, The REEEEEAAAAAALLLLLL Rock’N’Rollaaaaaa!!!!!

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Most Heart Wrenching Video Wrestling Will EVER Produce – Connor Michalek

8 Year Old Connor Michalek past away from cancer last month. He was a HUGE WWE fan, but more so, a HUGE Daniel Bryan fan. WWE had made his dream come true when he got to, not only, meet his hero, but to come back and have front row seats at Wrestlemania to see Bryan win the WWE Title.

The video below almost bought a tear to my eye. The above gif makes me appreciate HHH more as a human being.

The Ultimate Warrior – RIP

Today, one of my childhood hero’s passed on. As a kid a remember seeing The Ultimate Warrior for the first time at Wrestlemania 4 vs Hurcules Hernendez and thinking “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?” So much energy, so huge, his music was awesome. He and Randy Savage were now my favourite wrestlers. And they still are today. Their match at Wrestlemania XII is a masterpiece. It’s my favourite match of all time and I’ve not seen anything better since.

The world is a better place for having Warrior be part of it.

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