Assassin’s Creed Unity Real Life Parkour – Cosplay

As the Assassin’s Creed games get better and more advanced, so do the guys who cosplay the characters and then go off on parkour adventures!


Cosplay Parkour – Assassins Creed – Comic Con

Last June I posted this video of an Assassins Creed cosplayer free running through the streets and parks. This past Comic Con another cosplayer was showing off his parkour skills. This video is insane and really shows off some very cool parts of the game in real life!!

Extreme Video of the week – Real Life Assassins Creed Free-Running


I love seeing when the world of Cosplay isn’t just seen at Comic Cons, but they meet up with real life. But especially when people come together to create such a great little video that you’ll see below.

Get yourself a free runner, dress him as the main character from the awesome game, Assassins Creed and let him do his thing. Add to that some really amazing camera work and you have a very, very cool video!!

Check it out!!