The Joker Sings ‘Cold, Cold Heart’ – Music Clip

The Joker is a creepy bitch, lets not get that twisted, but he has such a lovely singing voice. Bat’s shouold appreciate him more. Especially all the things the he does for him.


Worlds Greatest True Detective

When you talk about True Detective, Batman should be the first thing that comes to mind. Then the HBO show! I would watching this version of True Detective every single day of my life!

Mortal Kombat Mods and Fatalities!!

I love that people spend an awful lot of time being awesome and creating such brilliant things to make games better. In the little video collection below you can see Mortal Kombat characters modded up looking like characters from DC Comics and Marvel Comics and other colour combinations doing their fatalities. It’s brutal, but looks so pretty. Baraka as Wolverine, Noob Saibot as Robin, Kenshi as Dare Devil. Just awesome!!

Superhero Hoodies and shirts you wish you could own…


But you cant. The following hoodies that you see are made by digital artist seventhirtytwo and unfortunately these are not real. Which is a damn shame, because I would wear the hell out of most of these! Especially the Robin Hoodie below. But due to copyright and whatnot yadayada, the only way these will be made and available for purchase is if DC grants the rights to their trademarks or buys the designs. Or makes their own designs with a SLIGHT difference.



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DC Comics Cosplay

This is pretty damn cool. Check out all the DC Comics characters cosplay from this years DragonCon. You’ll see some of the same character, but portrayed from different media like the Comic, Movie, TV, Animated Series versions. you can never get away from the ‘slutty’ Poison Ivy’s that always turn up, but there are some VERY cool cosplay and it’s obvious that ‘some’ of the players have put a LOT of time and effort into their costume. Lots of the popular characters and even some that you may not know. I know I had to look some up.

Awkward Justice League Thanksgiving – Nerdist

Batman doesn’t give a crap, man!

Batman antagonises Aquaman, A drunken, pill-poppin’ Wonder Woman and Ms Marvel get it on and Green Lantern is bored as hell!


Batman Vs Superman Rumours – Dick Grayson and Wonder Woman

Dick Grayson maybe coming

First up, there’s a small rumour floating around this morning that Warner Brothers is looking for a ‘John Hawkes type’ actor for the role of Dick Grayson/Robin/Nightwing. The guy providing the rumour is El Mayimbe of Latino Review and his previous releases of news have been quite good so far. So this is quite huge if DC are really thinking about opening up its Universe for future movies. Watch his video below for his breaking news!

Also there’s news today that Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace, Hitman) has been doing screen tests to possibly play the part of Wonder Woman, who has been heavily rumoured to be in the upcoming movie. It really is a shame that Megan Fox doesn’t have the acting chops, because when THAT photoshop from years ago came out, she really did look the part!

That is NOT going to happen.

All this is awesome news for any upcoming DC Movies and how they interact with each other in the DC Universe. who do you think should play the parts of the rumoured DC superheroes!

But what I want to know, who is this villain that is going to need Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Nightwing? Brainiac? Darkseid? And will Lex Luthor be making an appearance?

Man of Steel: The Animated Series

Are you ok, Lex?

I love it when Superman does what I would do if I was a super human! Kill the ‘bad guys’ so they don’t come back with MORE evil plans. Yeah, there’s some moral questions there, but it’s the greater good, right?

Black Nerd Rants

I really dig this guy. He brings up some really good points and adds a little bit comedy as well, so it’s not a straight boring ‘rant’ like you hear elsewhere on the internets.

This time, hear Mr. Black Nerd have a go at DC Comics recent decision to not let BatWoman marry her lesbian lover, which led to some of the writers and artists to leave the title. As well as, in the same week mind you, DC looking for new artist by running a competition asking for submissions of Harley Quinn naked in a bath tub about to kill herself.

Straight up gold.