Devil’s Daughter Prank

From the same guys who bought us Killer Clown and Telekinetic Priest, comes the Devil’s Daughter prank. Much of the same, but still scary none the less.


Wes Craven presents 30 Second Scary Short Films

Master Horror Director Wes Craven and Studio 360 ran a contest earlier this year. It was to create a 30 Second Scary Short Film with the theme being ‘Young Genius’. Some of these are down right horrifying and you’ll shit your pants, lock yourself in your room and even then you still wont think you’re safe. Others will make you laugh! The one above and the one below are by far my favourites, There are some more of my faves after the jump, but you can check out ALL of the entries HERE

Don’t be scared now!

Come and see MORE scariness in 30 seconds!!

Japanese Commercial is Damn Scary!!

Oh, what’s this?

Now living in a place where there’s lots of snow during the Winter, I understand why the Japanese have gone to such extremes to try and get their drivers to slow down and have the proper tyres!

This is pants-shitting-scary!

Squirrels – The Horror Movie Trailer

I love squirrels!! I always have done and I would like to get one as a pet and train it to be awesome! I know here in North America, they are seen as rodents and a general pest! My wife tells me that they are full of diseases and could possibly have rabies! But I do love looking at them playing around in the backyard and in the streets and I want to cuddle them at all times! A few years ago I was in Central Park, NYC and was getting some very strange looks from passers by because I was trying to catch them!


There’s an indie film coming out named ‘Squirrels’ and it’s a horror movie! I don’t see how one of the cutest animals on Earth could be scary. Just look at the picture above!!!

Personally after seeing the trailer, I thought that little girl deserved everything she got and more! I would have helped the squirrel and kicked her!

I love Squirrels!!