Parkour/Freerunning fails

You just can’t teach this kind of technique.

These are not so much as funny fails, but very cringe worthy.

Parkour isn’t just awesome flips. There’s a LOT of trial and error. In the video you’ll see so much error, that I’m positive most of these parkour hopefuls quit. Because there’s ridiculous amounts of pain involved. And pain hurts. A lot!

But for those who get back up and brush it off and go for it again, many salutes! Parkour is so challenging that only practice will make perfect!

Mirror’s Edge Parkour (real life)

So much awesome cosplay parkour coming out lately!

This time it’s Mirror’s Edge’s turn. This is an awesome GoPro cam job. It looks just like the game, if it were real. The people who do this constantly amaze me.