Devil’s Daughter Prank

From the same guys who bought us Killer Clown and Telekinetic Priest, comes the Devil’s Daughter prank. Much of the same, but still scary none the less.


Telekinetic Priest – Prank

From the same guys that bought you the Killer Clown Prank, comes a Telekinetic Priest that’ll make your head explode and shit your pants. I’m not so sure which one’s worse.

Brazilian Zombie Will Make You Run For Your Life – Prank

The GIF above is tame in comparison to the video below! But still a cool prank.

But no Pranks are better than the ones where people a legit scared for their lives. Some people also don’t want to get their hair wet while they run it appears.

Scary Pizza Delivery Prank

Sometimes, you just want to deliver pizza’s and earn a few extra dollars. I don’t know that this guy will continue his current career the same way again. Any career really. This is some messed up shit, but it has a really nice ending. He deserves more though, for what he goes through!

Devil Baby Prank – Devil’s Due

To help promote the horror movie ‘Devil’s Due’, a mechanical baby in a romote control stroller was made to troll the people in the streets of New York. There’s one man, a street cleaner, who has no reaction to it at all. You have to wonder what in the hell he’s seen in his life. Everyone else screams like children!

Walking My Pet TRex – Prank

Mmmm. Tasty family!

Mmmm. Tasty family!

Much like dogs, T-Rex’s cant be cooped up in the house or apartment all day long. They’ll tear up the furniture, poop everywhere and more importantly, they’re not getting their regular daily dose of exercise. So you should take them for a walk. In Central Park if you happen to be in NYC.

The funny thing with this little prank video is that the adults seem to be the ones who are scared and not the kids. The kids are fascinated by the dinosaur. Even the dogs aren’t really scared of it, especially the little one.