Devil’s Daughter Prank

From the same guys who bought us Killer Clown and Telekinetic Priest, comes the Devil’s Daughter prank. Much of the same, but still scary none the less.


Japanese Commercial is Damn Scary!!

Oh, what’s this?

Now living in a place where there’s lots of snow during the Winter, I understand why the Japanese have gone to such extremes to try and get their drivers to slow down and have the proper tyres!

This is pants-shitting-scary!

Horror Movie true-life FACTS – Halloween

There always some creepiness when it comes to talking about the real life events that happen when making horror films. Oh you haven’t heard? Well this’ll make the Halloween Horror Movie Marathons just that little bit creepier!

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Last Summer – Scary Prank

Screen shot 2013-07-03 at 9.19.19 AM

Thailand are coming out with some great cinema over the past few years and the industry seems to be continuously growing. Recently, to help promote a movie called ‘Last Summer’ they decided that doing the scariest thing imaginable to people in a public bathroom would be the way to go. Some of these people (victims?) are absolutely scared out of their minds.

And it’s hilarious. It made me want to track down the trailer for the movie and see what it was all about. Which you can see HERE

Excellent marketing, Thai film industry. Excellent indeed.