The Joker Sings ‘Cold, Cold Heart’ – Music Clip

The Joker is a creepy bitch, lets not get that twisted, but he has such a lovely singing voice. Bat’s shouold appreciate him more. Especially all the things the he does for him.


The Joker for President/Prime Minister of the World!

I have no idea how I missed this when the presidential elections were going on, but I did and I feel sad.

Now HERE is a candidate that I can get behind. Hell, I’d even sign up to be a party member! Truly a candidate who’s a man of his word!

I can’t post the video, so you’ll just have to click the link below. It’s from comedy site Cracked, so it’s pretty safe.

Do You Want To Kill The Batman – Harley Quinn – Frozen Parody

Of all the parodies from the actually pretty cool film ‘Frozen’, this one is close to my heart. Because it’s Batman and Joker related. Harley sings an awesome version of ‘Do you want to build a Snowman’, following the footsteps of the comics storylines.

All awesomeness here!!!

LEGO Dark Knight – Minifig Theatre

Recreating the classic interrogation scene from The Dark Knight, this little clip takes a pretty awesome turn. Superman is there to help bats get the info he needs out of a laughing Joker

Joker Blogs Season 2

If you haven’t seen The Joker Blogs, it truly is THE BEST Batman web-series around. If you haven’t heard of it or seen it, you can watch the First Season First Episode (and you can follow along from there) as well as the Second Season Episode 1 HERE, for the rest of us, the second episode of season 2 came out today and you can watch it below! It’s been a long time between episodes, but this one goes for 24 minutes and is well worth the wait!

Arkham Origins – Killing Joke Monologue – NYCC

It’s not long now and Batman: Arkham Origins will be out, and at New York Comic Con this past weekend, there was a panal for the game that featured some of the voice actors, most notably, Troy Baker who voices The Joker.

In the clip below there’s talk of times Troy read monologues from different Batman stories in the Joker’s voice when they mention the awesome ‘The Killing Joke’ graphic novel. Some members of the crowd wanted to hear it and Troy obliges! And it’s damn awesome!! THAT laugh that Mark Hamill made famous is just haunting.

Personally, my favourite voice of The Joker is John DiMaggio, from ‘Under The Red Hood’, but Troy really has a great voice for this character! THAT laugh that Mark Hamill made famous, is just as good with Troy.

Check it out!

Batman Villains mugshots in the 1920’s

The Joker

Canadian artist Jason Mark has re-imagined some of Batman’s classic Rogues Gallery as 1920’s crooks, just being nabbed by Bats and having their mugshots taken. This is really creative. I love their old-timey suits and dress. They would fit in the bad old streets of Deadwood, me thinks! Just think of the interaction between The Joker and Al Swearengen…….

The Penguin

Click to see The Riddler, Poison Ivy, Two Face and Mr. Freeze

Arkham Origins – Firefly

Screen shot 2013-08-20 at 2.35.18 PM

Another assassin heading for Gotham was announced today! The new villain revealed will be ‘Firefly’!

Garfield Lynns was a pyrotechnics guy in the film industry who turned to crime during the recession and became Firefly. He use fire, funny enough, through weapons like flame throwers and explosives.

Not a huge character in the Batman Mythos, but still a fun one to have those sort of attacks for Bats to try and combat.

Check out the trailer. There’s lots of villains and lots of fighting. Even a little Jim Gordon thrown in for goodness!