R + L = J: Game of Thrones Spoilers (possibly…. maybe)

I’m not going to say anything in the description as to give away any plot points for Game of Thrones, so if you don’t mind possible…. maybe…. spoilers, watch the video below concerning our favourite bastard, Jon Snow!


Firefly Online Gameplay Trailer – SDCC

What sort of Captain would you be?

If I was a Captain….. I would have a family like crew with one goal in mind. Make so much cash that I can chill on a nice warm planet with an umbrella drink.


Snoop Dogg and Seth Rogen talk Game of Thrones! (High as hell)

Definitely not safe for work.

There are some spoilers if you haven’t seen Season 4 of Game of Thrones.

Snoop is hilarious!! He should do running commentary though the series. I didn’t think the show could get any better, but it certainly could.

Team Fighting Championship

What the hell is this shit? I love me some MMA, but I’m not really down for gang warfare. Which is exactly what this video seems to be. Teams of 5 square off against each other in a free for all. You can fight one opponent or you can double/triple/quadruple/quintuple one dude.

We can’t just be happy with what we have. It HAS to go to the extreme. Soon enough there’ll be a show consisting of Shoot to kill, Western Style Stand offs! If there isn’t already.

Dangers of Binge Watching

I do this all the time. Not to the extremes of what’s in the video below, but me and my wife will binge watch shows. Shows in their entirety in a couple of weeks. Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, The Wire, Big Brother Australia…. It really is the best way to watch TV. There’s no having to remember from a week ago who the hell some tiny bit character is and what they’re about. No scratching your head about plot lines. It’s just go time!!!

House of Cards… you’re next.

Game of Thrones Philosophies

This will never get old.

The creator of Game of Thrones is leaving money on the table. If George R.R. Martin was to compile the book ‘Game of Thrones: Quotes to live by’, it would be a best seller and every fan of the books/show would own a copy and live much better lives having read it.

However, the below video was made therefore taking the potential profits out of the equation. You should check it out. It’s FREE and it’s awesome!